For this week’s INITIAL post you will discuss the following:Using at least one s

For this week’s INITIAL post you will discuss the following:Using at least one scholarly journal article or reputable website (perhaps ANA or NLN), present your findings on plagiarism and/or other academic integrity problems specific to nursing students. Incorporate your thoughts and observations and how you will protect yourself from intentional or unintentional plagiarism.
How would you evaluate your digital/computer literacy? Briefly share your findings about your digital competency level based on Appendix A of the TIGER initiative document from this week. Would you consider yourself a digital immigrant or a digital native? Why?
Briefly discuss how you see constructivist and adult learning theories utilized in SUNY Morrisville’s BS program as being important to understand as you progress through this program? Were you aware of these learning theories? What is new understanding and what are some challenges you anticipate and/or what excites you about this type of learning theory? How is following constructivist and adult learning theory the same or different from your prior educational experiences?
Based on your readings in Sewell (2019) Box 23-2 on page 377, what qualities of a successful online learner do you feel you have? What challenges do you have? How will you work to overcome those challenges? How do constructivist and adult learning theory tie in with qualities for successful online learning?
There should be a minimum of 500 words for your initial post.
-I do not care what the opinion is But I do not like online learning at all and everything else I don’t care I just need a good grade preferably 90-100 based on the rubric
Requirements: 600 words

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