Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing exercise and need a sample draft to help

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing exercise and need a sample draft to help me learn.Most people think introductory college writing courses are merely an extension of the writing courses they took in high school. But for new college students, the writing they do in college is different from the writing they are familiar with from high school. College writing focuses more on research than high school writing, and college writing requires a more sophisticated and thoughtful interpretation of research from students. The research on which the writing in college is based must have a solid foundation; it can’t just feature a few “articles” found in a quick online search and it requires deeper investigation into a topic using a variety of rich, credible sources. It also requires critical thought.When we think about the information we see or get from news stories, for example, there is research behind it. Scientists use research to support their work. Lawmakers and advertisers use research to support and persuade. Research is everywhere. But it varies in depth, accuracy, timeliness, and reliability, so it’s not always possible to accept something at face value.In all college classes, almost every workplace, and in public and private writing we do, understanding what research involves is paramount. Through research, we become discerning users of information rather than just passive consumers of it.In this class, understanding research begins with considering the academic context and exploring a topic deeply.ReadingAcademic Research Writing: What is it? (Links to an external site.)What is Academic Writing? by L. Lennie Irvin (Links to an external site.)AssignmentFor this assignment, complete the readings above and post a response to the following questions:What surprises you about academic writing according to the readings? What do you find interesting or problematic, and why?
In a few sentences, how would you describe what academic writing is?
What kinds of research have you experienced in the past? Have you used search engines to find information, and have you used library resources? What kinds of writing using research have you done in the past?
What are you hoping to learn about the research process and about research writing?
Requirements: good answer

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