Learning Goal: I’m working on a music project and need guidance to help me learn

Learning Goal: I’m working on a music project and need guidance to help me learn.InstructionsFor this assignment, you will choose your own sounds and create an original collage! Here are the requirements:You may use any sounds, including sounds you record yourself, samples you download online, or sounds you create with Soundtrap instruments or loops, as long as you do not use long samples (i.e. more than roughly 10-15 seconds) or use loops that repeat for long periods of time. In other words, even though you now have more freedom to choose, we still want to continue the idea used in previous assignments: You must create an original collage through combining different sounds, not simply paste in long samples or loops to fill up the space.
Duration must be between 40 seconds and 2 minutes.
As with past collages, you must submit a written document that summarizes the editing steps you used, and any other information that helps us understand the work you put into it. Please also indicate there whether you are willing to have your work shared by the instructor and, if so, whether or not it should be anonymous.
Peer ReviewsAs usual, once the due date passes, you will be assigned 2 peer reviews. Grading criteriaTo earn a grade of Complete, the Sound Collage must meet the criteria listed in the 3 bullet points in the instructions above, must reflect thoughtful editing, and must be submitted (both text and audio) by the deadline in the proper format.
Requirements: Follow the instructions

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