Requirements: 3 pages maximum (does not include +/- 10%), 12pt font, consistent

Requirements: 3 pages maximum (does not include +/- 10%), 12pt font, consistent font style, 1.5 line spacing, 2.54cm margins (all), title page, consistent referencing style in-text and reference list (not included in the page limit), professional format/layout. Use paragraphs rather than dot points*. Only include required appendices. Choose a company and design a new social media marketing campaign for them in Part A and Part B. Report Sections: Title page 1.Company Background 2.Situation Analysis 3.Campaign Objectives 4.Target Audience Profile References Appendices (Only those required in the guidelines) Notes: The title page, references and appendices are not included in the page count. Any (academic) referencing style can be used as long as it is consistent. *The dot points used in this guide show the information that must be included in the sections. How this information is presented is up to you (e.g. points grouped in one paragraph for discussion or discussed separately), as long as all required information is present. No dot points should be used for main discussion points. Task DifficultyTime CommitmentADVT7510: Social Media ManagementSocial Media Marketing Campaign Part A (25%)The type of company (who they are, what they do, the industry/sector they fit into)The company’s broad marketing communication objectives (key informationabout their previous marketing and communication efforts – e.g. purpose ofcommunication efforts, traditional or social media channels and vehicles or both,and other key information)Examples of company’s prior social media communications (to be included inappendices – see section on appendices).Before you start: What does it mean to justify?This assignment requires you to make decisionsand justify those decisions. This means you mustgive good reasons for why these are the mostappropriate (the best) decisions for this campaign.*Title PageThere are no specific requirements for the titlepage; it does not need to be a UQ BusinessSchool page. Any report title page is fineprovided it meets the professionalism criteria.Company Background (4 marks)This section must provide a brief overview of thechosen company.This overview must cover the key components of the company background that willbe important to understand who they are, what their aims are, and what social mediadecisions are most appropriate for them in the future.The key components must include:There are no limits to which company can be chosen, or on country or region – butchoose carefully (see assignment tips above).ADVT7510: Social Media ManagementAssignment Tips Choose your company wisely: – You will use the same company for Part A and Part B – If the social channels are not covered in the course, additional research will be needed – If the posts are not in English, a translation is neededSocial Media Marketing Campaign Part A (25%) Internal factors (e.g. mission, corporate External factors (e.g. customers, competitors, industry/environment) A SWOT analysis (i.e. strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) Situation Analysis (6 marks) This section must provide an overview of the company’s internal and external environment, and develop a SWOT. The section must discuss in internal and external factors relevant to the chosen company, and based on these factors, provide a SWOT analysis. The discussion must include: culture, resources) The SWOT analysis table/figure should be included as an appendix and discussed in the main text. Campaign Objectives (4 marks) This section must provide at least one objective (that you have developed) for the social media marketing campaign, and a justification for why this is the most appropriate objective. The objective(s) needs to be specific, actionable and realistic for the client. Use the SMART framework to develop the objective(s).ADVT7510: Social Media ManagementAssignment Notes Use course learnings: – You may know a number of theories and frameworks from other courses – Focus first on demonstrating understanding of this course’s content, then bring in other learning (only if needed!) Assignment Tips Focus on relevant factors: – There are MANY internal and external factors that can be considered for a company – Focus on key social media and broader marketing factors that will help determine the most appropriate social media decisions for the companySocial Media Marketing Campaign Part A (25%) Discussion of who the target audience is. Discussion of the key consumer insights Development and discussion of a target audience profile. The profile must be based on the consumer insights and be included in appendices. Justification for all decisions and choices. Target Audience Profile (6 marks) This section must provide a profile of the target audience for the campaign you are developing. The section must identify, discuss, justify, and profile the target audience. Specifically, this section must include: This must be a specific and identifiable group. relating to the chosen group. These insights must be evidence-based and relevant to the specific decisions that will be made in your campaign. NOTE: More than one audience can be selected. However, a sufficient (and strong!) justification must be provided for why more than one is needed. Similarly,more than one profile can be created if it is strongly justified. These decisions are up to you but need to be clearly and convincingly justified.ADVT7510: Social Media ManagementJustify. Justify. Justify. The key with this assessment is to make decisions you think are appropriate for the comany and justify why you think those are the most appropriate. Assignment Tips Assignment Notes Finding consumer insights: DO NOT conduct any primary data collection (e.g. interviews) Some credible sources include: – Australian Bureau of Statistics – IAB Australia – We Are SocialSocial Media Marketing Campaign Part A (25%) Screenshots of two examples of company’s social media communications SWOT analysis table/figure Target audience profile *References There are no minimum or maximum requirements for the amount of references. Some references will be needed (e.g. insights) how many are included depends on the quality of the source and the information it provides – some sources may provide detailed information and others may not. Any (academic) referencing style is fine, provided it is used consistently. For help with assignment writing and judging the quality of sources: skills/assignment-writing/steps-writing-assignments Appendices (3 marks) Only appendices that have been identified as required in the guidelines must be included. No other appendices are allowed. The following appendices are required: *Formatting, Referencing and Communication (2 marks) The report must to adhere to the 3-page maximum and have good formatting, referencing and communication (see criteria sheet)
Requirements: 3 pages

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