Writer’s Journal #1BackgroundThe Writer’s Journal assignments in English 102 are

Writer’s Journal #1BackgroundThe Writer’s Journal assignments in English 102 are going to provide you with a reflective space to work through course concepts and engage with various steps in the writing process as you work on various writing projects throughout the course.PurposeIn this Writer’s Journal, you will reflect on your past experiences with “research projects,” seeking to understand what “research” means to you. You will then take this articulated understanding of “research” and consider how it matches up with research in English 102 (as you understand it so far). Skills and OutcomesRecalling and summarizing past research experiences (Rhetorical Knowledge)
Comparing past knowledge/experiences with future expectations (Critical Thinking, Reading and Composing)
Habits of Mind PracticedCreativity
TasksYour journal entry should describe past research experiences that you have had. Have you conducted research projects in school? In the workplace? What did you do for them?
Your journal entry should also compare these past experiences to your expectations for English 102. Based on what you have seen of the course so far, how does it seem similar, and how does it seem different? How – given your past experiences of research – is the course surprising?
*NOTE: There are many different ways to approach these tasks, but you should aim to be as thorough as possible in your response (approximately 500 words is a good target length).Criteria for SuccessIn each Writer’s Journal, you should:clearly address each question or task;
employ many details, examples, and explanations in answering each question or task; and,
create an internally organized text, employing sentences (or notes where applicable) that clearly relate to one another.
Requirements: 500 words

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