Learning Goal: I’m working on a music writing question and need guidance to help

Learning Goal: I’m working on a music writing question and need guidance to help me learn.Part 1:Briefly describe the concept of musical exoticism and the spectrum of exoticism using one of the examples from this week’s examples, specifically the Bizet, McPhee, Debussy, Stravinsky, or Tchaikovsky. What are the exotic elements of the piece and where would this piece fall on Locke’s spectrum of exoticism? Make sure to include musical details and your reasoning in this part. Then, choose another example from your own listening habits that also demonstrates musical exoticism (this can be any genre you want and from any time period; however, it must be different than the pieces we discuss in class). What are the elements of musical exoticism and where would it fall on the spectrum of exoticism? Why?This section should take 200-250 words to answer.Part 2:Briefly explain what Ewell means by “music’s white racial frames.” What are they and what are some of the impacts that white racial frames have had on the composition and consumption of classical music? What role does the canon play in continuing these frames? Then choose one (1) composer and one of their musical compositions from any point in this course. How does their music reflect, adhere to, defy, complicate, etc. the ideas of music’s white racial frames? Have these frames benefitted this composer’s continued legacy or hindered them?This section should take 200-250 words to answer.For this week’s forum, come up with one (1) discussion question about either exoticism or the idea of “imagined Africa” and post it as part of your response. Then, respond to at least one (1) classmate’s discussion question to receive full credit this week. Remember that discussion questions should be open-ended and should help spark discussion about topics.I will upload the material after you accept it
Requirements: 500

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