Learning Goal: I’m working on a c# exercise and need an explanation to help me l

Learning Goal: I’m working on a c# exercise and need an explanation to help me learn.BIS-344: Visual Basic Net ProgrammingStart with a new Visual Studio project. Write a Visual Basic program to address the requirements of Chapter 3’s section “Programming Projects,” #4. Length Conversion.Create form as depicted in the exercise (Figure 3.64).
Additionally, include the following: A label displaying the student name in italics
A label displaying the workshop due date formatted as m/d/yyyy
A button to exit or quit (refer to the Me.Close() statement in Chapter 2).
Implement the length conversion as noted in the exercise. Reiterating:One meter = 39.37 inches
One centimeter = .01 meter
One kilometer = 1,000 meters
The meter and kilometer values are integers.
Apply all standards as depicted in 1.5 Assignment, introduced in the textbook, and reinforced in discussion forums.
Remember: do not flounder; use the Collaboration Forum to pose questions and share learning.
Be sure to File>Save All your work (never use “Save As”); close and exit Visual Studio.
Create submission zip archive.Make a new folder including student name—“WorkshopTwo LastNameFirstName” as in “WorkshopTwo BernersLeeTim”
Copy exercise project folder to the submission folder.
Create zip archive of the submission folder. In Windows Explorer, right click folder name, and select “Send to” and “Compressed (zipped) folder.” Full details provided in the 1.2 Assignment.
Once the assignment is complete, save a copy for yourself and submit zip archive created in Step 3 by the end of the workshop. Be sure to follow submission naming standards.
Requirements: ex   |   .doc file

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