Learning Goal: I’m working on a research & summaries multi-part question and nee

Learning Goal: I’m working on a research & summaries multi-part question and need support to help me learn.Type directly on the template provided.
For part 1 of the assignment, you are to answer the questions using only the abstract of the chosen article. One sentence does not suffice to thoroughly answer the questions. You need at the very least one paragraph (90-200 words) for each question (other than question 1 which is the APA reference). You MAY NOT write in 1st person. It is important to establish a consistent 3rd person voice even when you are answering regarding your own thoughts and ideas.
For part 2 of the assignment, you will need to read the entire article and answer those questions. Again, you need to answer in paragraph form and you cannot copy and paste from the articles. You need to paraphrase in your own words and cite the author(s) appropriately.
For part 3 of the assignment, using the chosen article, examine the references and choose one of the articles in the reference to complete this section. Questions 1-3 do not need paragraphs but question 4 does need to be answered in paragraph form.
For part 4 of the assignment, this should entirely be in paragraph form. Use the questions to form your reflection but do not use the numbers in your response. Keep your reflection between 250-500 words and 1st person is fine in this section only but you should include in-text citations to support your writing as appropriate.
Use outside sources to back up the information. Every outside source must have only a doi, no permalink. Every outside source must be within 5 years, nothing past 5 years will be accepted.
Requirements: Explanatory

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