PROJECT PURPOSE AND CONSIDERATIONS The purpose of this project is to design a si

The purpose of this project is to design a single-family housing and promote independent living for adults who
are blind or visually impaired. This is a detached house, open with a yard, driveway, and garage. DELIVERABLES1) Project title and brief information about the project.2) Summary of your project goals.3) Site analysis – description of climate, local demographic information, neighborhood context, andother relevant site information / use maps showing project site context, compass direction, adjacentbuildings, natural features or topography, views, potential sources for noise→ We will use International Residential Code (IRC) so check if your home location (state) isadopting International Residential Code (IRC) through this site:→ Search the state zoning regulations for a single-family detached dwelling of the selected state(or county) for your site to double-check the minimum site size for placing the required housesize, such as zoning classification, minimum lot area, minimum lot width, minimum side yard,minimum rear yard for interior lots, maximum average height at the front building line, minimumsetback, maximum building coverage, or something else4) End user profile – describe who are envisioned to be living in this house (i.e., age, occupation,lifestyle, type and level of visual impairment, and needs for spaces, etc.)5) Program document – space/room name, square foot, count of spaces, programmatic (includingfurniture, lighting, appliance, electronic equipment, finishes), inclusive design features, otherfeatures that reflect design trends→ You can update this program during the schematic design phase after reviewing codes/standardsand while developing bubble & block diagrams6) Precedent study – select an appropriate precedent study (an example of what already exists) thatsupports your building type and target users / describe an overview of the project and design ideasthat you think would help in designing a similar space7) Digital format
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