Using your approved strategic plan from the Wk 2 – Strategic Plan Research assig

Using your approved strategic plan from the Wk 2 – Strategic Plan Research assignment, complete the following:Create a 5- to 7- slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker notes and visuals on each slide, that will sell your identified improvements to the strategic plan, based on your Wk 4 analysis.Include the following: Summarize the threats and challenges you have identified within the current strategic plan.
Determine how to execute the strategic initiatives in order to address the threats and challenges.
Explain proposed process improvements.
Assess whether additional resources are needed.
Describe how resources should be used in the application of the strategic plan.
Utilize KPIs to justify the financial investment and to measure the success of the proposed improvements to the strategic plan.
Justify your recommendations based on anticipated Return on Investment (ROI).
Discussion questions Chris Freeman Repond in125 words Professor and Class, This week we are examining examples of change that failed and what could have been done to prevent the failure from happening. Through the last 18 years, I have seen a lot of changes and modifications to the way my company has conducted business overall. Upper management had the idea of rebranding the company about nine years ago in order to promote growth and attract new customers. The rebranding included new logos, changing the name of the company to reflect newness and changing the pay structure of the employees in order to demonstrate a high level of involvement from the owners down to the line workers. Creating a brand that could be recognized was certainly a big hit with the employees as well as the community. It was considered to be easier to identify for consumers, kind of like the Golden Arches of McDonalds, you see the symbol and know what to expect. This idea worked most of the time since we were dealing with the same communities that we had been working with previously. Although, the brand actually resembled logos from other companies and created a little confusion in other markets. Changing the name created a better way to actually attempt to start over as a company and demonstrate to everyone that the new owners knew what they were doing and were doing things differently than previous ownership conducted business. This did not go over well for the longer term customers that had grown very fond of the way things had been done before and did not like the changes, they felt like it was a mark on the original owner’s face and reputation. (Side note: the original owner was the father of the current owners and he passed away just after the launch of the rebranding.) The biggest failure out of the changes that were instituted was the failure in the restructuring of how to pay the employees. All employees had to be evaluated by their management team members and that evaluation would determine their exact pay and job title. This worked great for the employees that had great relationships with their supervisors however, the other employees that worked hard and just did not have time to kiss butt got the short end of the stick. This pay and title restructuring lasted about 2 years until the owners discovered that they were losing more employees than they were retaining and that the community was starting to talk about the pay issues. There are currently new standards for job performance evaluation and merit raises in effect and things are going much better. Bradley Sanders Repond in125 words The change that we would be talking about here is when the accounting system in my previous company was getting moved from offline to online, which means that most of the file work would be over and the same would be converted into online files and all calculations would be done online. The employees in the organisation did not receive this change very well because they were tenured employees and were very comfortable and used to the offline work. They also anticipated that the loss of jobs is also a possibility since the manual work would be done away with and only online filing would be done. So at the initial stages this change failed because of the non-cooperation of the employees and it was merely because of their implicit fear. This could be prevented by giving appropriate training to the employees so that they can get comfortable with the online system and explaining them that what is there in it for them in the long run so that they could have been much more adaptive towards the new way of working.
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