Throughout the semester there will be a series of Reading/Media assignments. The

Throughout the semester there will be a series of Reading/Media assignments. These will include a range of different texts from novels, to social and natural science articles, design theory and policy proposals. These will be augmented with short videos and some films. Reading/Media [R/M] will be assigned each Wednesday. Your response to these materials can take many forms but must be submitted each week by the following Wednesday. There is an Assignment in Canvas for each week of R/M through Week 13 and it will be turned on the week before it is due. These R/M are intended to prompt your thinking on the overarching themes of Sustainable Systems:The Anthropocene as the Context for Art, Design, and BusinessRedesigning Design for Resilience – A Just TransitionEnvironmental JusticeCreate your responses to the R/M through the lens of these three themes. Your response can take the form of written analysis and assessment of what you have read or watched. You can produce a creative, project-based response to the R/M assignment, or, as the semester progresses embed the knowledge and perspective of these prompts within your evolving studio projects and your perspective on the discipline or practice you have come to Parsons to study. The goal of the R/M assignments, like the Sustainable Systems class overall, is to move systems thinking, and the critical issues of sustainability and resilience, into your core practice. These matters do not sit outside of design or reside solely within the realm of politics, policy, or science. Rather they are fundamental to who we are as a species, what we will create as artists, designers, and entrepreneurs, and how those actions will shape the world in the Anthropocene. Think about all that as you read and watch and then respond!
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