What data gathering methodology would you use to assess customer satisfaction an

What data gathering methodology would you use to assess customer satisfaction and why? -Saldan Hello Customer Importance is very important in solving solutions for a business cannot exist without customers. Therefore in solving problems the effect on the customer should be considered. However quality efficiency should also be considered. For if the quality is not there then customers may not return. Furthermore if a customer has to go through an inefficient process then customer satisfaction will decrease and again customers will not return. Is it possible to have more than one problem with equal weight? -Beverly Bellamy Professor and Class I do believe that weighing the customers importance is appropriate. A business or organization is in the business making money but ultimately cant accomplish this without its customers. If they are not weighted by their importance accordingly if this section falls through and in turn hinders the customer experience. I do also believe that employee satisfaction should be weighed the same as customer importance. This is because the employees need to be happy to provide exceptional service to the customers. Therefore if both categories are weighed the same the company is ensuring they that have honest loyal hardworking employees while also having satisfied customers -Connie 450 Hello It is important to follow a process for understanding the problem to ensure you are implementing the right solution for the right problem. First a team must identify the right problem to find the right solution and then implement the solution in the right way. It is a process to identify solve and implement solutions to a problem. Therefore if a process is not followed correctly then a team and organization can waste precious time energy and resources and still have a problem. Those that are involved in the solution and solution prioritization are those that are responsible for choosing by importance. Beverly Bellamy I do believe that a project plan could be created without a project network. I do think things like knowing the various terminal points for a project could be extremely useful but I think you can proceed without knowing all of those terminal points. However I also think through the process of putting together the project plan those terminal points will end up being defined anyway whether through things like discerning the deliverables or defining the milestones. -Dan Project network is the lifeline and it determines when and how things should be completed. Things are layed out on a diagram componentsare determined how in order and most important it is based on a time of completion. There is an some sort of relationship betweenall elements and are broken down. As a project plan is the outline and core of project you are working on. It is extremely important to know your intention of the project and set a sturdy foundation. It is important to use all resources available. I think for the most part they can work without one another changes and adjustments are made so it is importantto understand that their can be mix-ups. -Andrew Hello Class A resource that I found helpful that I will access to prepare my analysis paper is an article called What is the Importance of Project Scheduling & Its Role In Business Projects?. It describes the positive side to relying on project resources scheduling. It mentions the dependence of the Gantt Chart and how it assists with providing the proper management tools. So that people become capable of preparing and fulfilling a job responsibly and with due time they must analyze projects at ease and pay attention to every little detail. The valid project planning plays a significant part in guaranteeing the project is mastered. This aids in keeping the workers motivated and on the right path to success and provides time frames that are more capable of achieving. When valid tools are offered it becomes easier to control the quality of the item and prevents mistakes from happening on the job. This also helps companies save money and customers leave happy. It is vital to allow financial proof of work management and quality assurance. I enjoyed that this site discusses various benefits and goes into depth of the significance to Project Scheduling. I easily became aware of future tips I could use in my future career. I disliked how the resource lacks examples of how things could go downhill without the use of resource scheduling. This could make a person not take this subject as serious as it is. However I did find this source useful and I intend on utilizing it when writing my analysis paper. -Daisy Professor Neal I also thought that it is possible to create a project plan without including the network. However this would create issues on the job such as misunderstanding what needs to get done to even having invalid numbers. This could interfere how long it takes to complete a project to going over the budget. Understanding the terminal points would help because wokers would realize what needs to happen in the first stage in order to move on to the next step. What are the correct steps in creating a project network? What tools can one utilize to demonstrate this? -Daisy

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